Month: January 2021

Tyre Safety: How To Be Wheely Safe on The Road

As soon as you get your first car, you learn just what it’s like to independently own your personal vehicle. From giving you space and time alone, to travelling around with your friends and family, having a car for the first time comes with tons of benefits.

One major gain for many people is knowing that they can be in control of their travelling. Not only are you able to decide the route you wish to take, you are also in control of the time you begin you set off. For many people, awaiting a lift from someone else or offering to transport someone else can be incredibly frustrating if they fail to be on time.

On top of this, awaiting public transport or a taxi can also be irritating, be it too busy on board the bus or simply irritating feeling you should converse with the taxi driver. When it’s simply just you travelling, you are in full control of the time you leave often meaning you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

As well as this, being able to either travel around alone or with other people on board is another benefit. Travelling to social events or work with other people on-board can make you feel that you are being supportive and helpful to others. It may also make you feel more comfortable if you have other people are around as being alone may make you feel isolated and nervy. For some people though there are more benefits to driving alone. One of these may be being able to fully focus on the task at hand: driving.

Remaining in the car alone boosts the ability to remain fully focused on following driving regulations to keep yourself and others safe. Taking in your surroundings and the events happening around you, will benefit you as well as further road users. Travelling where you want to, and when you want to is an enormous advantage of passing your test as well as getting hold of your own car for the first time.

Another great advantage to having your own vehicle means you can keep on top of its maintenance feeling confident that your car is fit and well. Most of the checks you can do and correct independently. A good place to start is making sure you can see out of your windows, particularly the windscreen. Opening the bonnet and making sure there is enough screen wash in the bottle will mean you can keep it clean whilst moving around. Keeping a screen wash top up in the car can be handy just in case the liquid runs out during your journey.

Next, checking your tyres are inflated is another simple thing to keep on top of. Some newer cars have fittings that monitor the tyre pressure, but many need you to check them manually. Sometimes its easy to tell if the air pressure is too low as your tyre/s can look flat. Other times though you can’t always tell that the air pressure could do with topping up. One easy way round is having a tyre inflator you can keep in the car and power using the cigarette lighter. Not only do they read the tyre pressure, as you can most likely tell from the name, they can also be used to inflate any tyre/s that aren’t at the correct level. There’s all sorts you can get your hands on, so here’s a look at some of the best.

Whilst checking your screen wash and tyre pressure regularly is important, keeping an eye on your tyres tread is also important. Ensure your tread is legal. It must be no thinner than 1.6mm deep (UK Government guidance). If its close, get them checked and changed.

Watch: Checking Oil Level

Last time, we talked about some simple maintenance tasks that you can use to keep your car on the road and in great shape.

One of the tips related to checking oil levels, and here’s a video so that you can see more detail in action.

Some Important Car Maintenance Tips For You

For many people, it has always been common knowledge that you must have your car oil changed, usually annually. But with many new cars and modern oil types nowadays, many carmakers now recommend going beyond that time before having an oil change. The reason behind this is to avoid damage to engine components caused by excessive oil consumption. Aside from this, there are other benefits as well. Let us enumerate some of these below.

Engine oil is one of the main components of the car engine, as it lubricates and protects the working parts of the engine; otherwise, the engine would not be able to function properly and would simply break down. Therefore, changing your motor oils regularly can help extend the durability of the engine. If you notice that the level of the motor oils has fallen, then there is a need for you to go ahead and have your motor oils changed so that the level of lubricant is at its optimum level and it will allow the motor oils to work properly again.

Aside, from this, frequent oil changes also help you avoid costly repairs that would be required when the time comes that you have to undergo repairs due to wear and tear of your engine parts. For instance, if your car is made of plastic, you would expect it to last for several years before requiring regular maintenance. However, this is not the case with all types of plastics; in fact, plastic car engines are prone to breaking down because of the constant friction caused by the passing bumps, stones or other road debris. This, in turn, makes it necessary for you to go for regular engine maintenance. With this, you may even be able to save more money by having your car oil changed instead of having it replaced after it breaks down.

Having the car oil change is also a good way to protect your engine parts from possible corrosion. Since the oil additives are made out of various components such as synthetic oil additives, conventional motor oils or normal motor oils, it is not advisable for you to dispose of these additives but to have them changed instead. By doing so, you ensure that the oils still have the right viscosity and elasticity to prevent the additives from seeping into the engine parts that need it most. At the same time, the oils will also avoid clogging up of the filters thus allowing the waste oil to be disposed off.

Having regular maintenance check of the car oil pump is another great way for you to ensure that your engine parts are in the best condition. It is important to check engine oil whenever you notice any sign of wear and tear like dirty oil marks on the body of the pump or dirty oil spots in between the intake manifold and the engine’s intake ports. Also, you need to have the vehicle checked by experts who are knowledgeable about the proper car oil changes for your type of vehicle. This way, you ensure that your vehicle continues to operate properly and in a safe manner even if it has the need for a new oil filter.

The car maintenance service provider that you choose to get the motor oil checked should be reliable enough to make sure that the process of changing the oil is done carefully and according to the instruction given by the customer care center. It is also important to have a list of auto service centers that can perform the car oil change for you. You need to make a list of those providers whose location you are able to easily reach. This way, you can be sure that they will be able to perform the oil change for you in a prompt and efficient manner. In addition, you can request them to give you an estimate of the fees for their services and the number of times they have performed the oil change for you.